Oxyfluorfen   23.5% EC

It is a herbicide   of the diphenyl -ether group used for selective weed control in a wide range of fruit trees, vegetables, field crops, ornamentals,   forestry, sugarcane & no crop areas.

Mode Of Action


Selective  with contact   action.  Inhibits  protoporphyrinogen     oxidase,   leading to irreversible cell membrane damage. It is used in pre -plant, pre­ emergence & post-emergence applications.

Key Feautres

• Flexible tank mixing- Can be mixed with other herbicides.

• Broad spectrum activity- Continue to be effective & prolong action in soil.

• Excellent control of both broadleaf grass and weeds.

• Complete eradication of select weeds.

Dosage & Direction


CropweedsDosage (gm / Acre)
PotatoChenopodium,Coronopus Heliotropium,Trianthema,100 - 120 ml I Acre
TeaDigitaria, imperata, Paspalum BorreriaHispida100 - 120 ml I Acre
Rice (Direct show as pre·emergence)Echinochloa Spp.Cyperuslr Eclipta alba100 - 120 ml I Acre
OnionChenopodium, AmaranthusViridis100 - 120 ml I Acre
GroundnutEchinochloaColonum DigitariaMarginata100 - 120 ml I Acre

50 ml100 ml250 ml500 ml1Ltr