Located Locally…. Impacting Globally….

Together with farmers, customers, governments & communities, we help people thrive by applying our insights and over 60 years of experience now worldwide. Our strategy focuses upon further increasing our international strategic position in the various markets by means of comprehensive product portfolio management and aggressive marketing approach.

We are accelerating the pace of our innovation, often working with partners. Our products focus not only on traditional challenges – controlling weeds, insects and disease – but also on factors that growers have not been able to control, like heat, cold and drought.

Domestic Network

Aiming For Perfection

One of the things that we are known for is the high quality of our products. What we agree upon, our client gets! Quality is paramount. Our orders comply fully with the stringent quality requirements demanded by the numerous major international quality marks and certifications. Our business processes all focus on achieving this quality and it forms the basis for our partnerships with growers and other business associates worldwide.

Longterm Business Association

In order to be a success and to remain so, we place a great deal of importance on entering into long-term partnerships — both with our customers and with our channel partners. Our channel partners are carefully selected on the basis of their knowledge, expertise and power to innovate and to work with us to provide our customers with added value.

International Network

Transparent Partnership

We strive to achieve complete openness and transparency in the channel. This provides evidence of confidence in our channel partners and ensures that we can learn from one another, allowing us to further develop our organisation, continue to innovate and to optimise our service and range for our customers globally.

Our global marketing function has centralized the production of major campaigns and marketing programs, thereby enabling us to present a global image of our core brands. This phase will continue to evolve with additional products and countries included. We have operations around the world, cemented by the enduring quality of our products and the reputation we have worked so hard to earn and maintain.