About Us

Advance Pesticide

Advance is one of the leading Agri solutions companies. It is a values-based company, deeply rooted in science and innovation to transform new ideas and discoveries into farm care solutions for today & tomorrow.

ADVANCE PESTICIDE is a global Agri solution company founded on the premise that investment in strong science and the relentless pursuit of R&D excellence can translate into new solutions that can positively affect plant & planet both.


Our formulation discovery and development efforts were founded in 2002 in Nashik, Maharashtra by a team of research scientists, chemists, and biologists working in crop protection solutions. Today, we employ more than 1,400 people and have operations in more than 15 states of India.

We are advancing a growing pipeline of farm care solutions across the globe. It is led by a vision to bring precision and control to the crop protection industry across the world, helping growers to maximize and stabilize yield from their crops.

” When our customers succeed, we succeed. Advance gives you the powerful products that work, work better-no matter the circumstances. So our growers can be productive, wherever they are. And can get what they need.”

– Harshal P Tambat, MD, ADVP

Advance Products

We pour commitment, passion & drive for perfections into every formulation that we make & our roots go deep. Step inside the Advance manufacturing process to have a glimpse of our commitment to quality & reliability with our all Agri solutions.

Advance People

Advance pesticides are proud to be recognized as a leader in the global agriculture industry. To ensure we remain at the top of our game, we look for Thinkers, Makers, Doers who are seeking to make an extraordinary impact. We invest in people.

Advance Performance

We engage our teammates from the moment they join us to foster new ideas, feed their collective curiosity, and heighten productivity.

Mission & Vision
Changing the Landscape of Agriculture

For Growers

Maximize the efficiency of every acre.

We take a scientific approach to our products and the impact they have on the soil life and plant production. Working with nature to create longer-lasting produce that builds our global food industry stronger & feeds the future.

Be an expert on what’s above & below ground

Utilizing soil science, Phytochem, biochemistry & agro chem knowledge we try to create products that limit existing disease, control it, and cycle nutrients. We then combine those chemical characteristics to provide customers with a window into the health and productivity of their soil & plant.

Get better recommendations, supported by science

As an agronomist or field executive, we know that making the best recommendations means having the best tools in your toolbox. That’s why we are working with the best agronomists to measure what’s below the surface and provide unparalleled recommendations to their growers.

As a grower you want your agronomist to provide you with the best recommendations so you can grow healthy, profitable crops.

Help growers optimize time and money.
Advance enables growers to quantify the risk of disease and take the appropriate management action.

Solve the unsolvable mysteries in the grower’s fields.
Our platform gives you answers to your most pressing questions in regards to soil productivity, pathogen pressure and impact of climate change on production & suitable products to lessen the risk

For Corporate Partners

Gain a Competitive Edge

Establish your business as a leader & to box out the competition by providing your agronomists/growers with the best insights on the market, and streamline the development of new products with the support of our expert research and development team.

Grow your customer base:

Utilize our marketing experts to deliver new value to your customers with ADVANCE’s results and recommendations.

Expand your biological products portfolio:

We’ve finally arrived at a new frontier where we can use natural materials and design formulations to enhance plant health, production quality. in a way that works with nature — rather than against it & also works as preventive measures.

Make your agronomists plant & soil experts

Equip your agronomists with ADVANCE’s insights & training to gain deep knowledge of their growers’ fields and bring more context to their recommendations & develop customized crop & fruit program.

We Make, Market and Sell

We thrive on innovation, continuous improvement, and commercial achievement – and that’s what we look for in our people. Our business is driven by leaders who draw from a rich diversity of industry experience and combine this experience with passion, talent, commitment, and skill. We recognize the importance and urgency of acting with the awareness that we are all dependent on each other, and we strive to improve in a journey of reciprocal learning. This commitment is connected to the values that ADVANCE shares with its backward – forward integration partners and finished product.

The non-negotiable values


Create solutions where the customer wins, the community wins, the company wins.


Make decisions that last longer & profitable


Cultivate authentic researched & well trialled solutions.


We are relentless in applying the highest ethical standards to our products, services and communications.


Quality is a cornerstone of all of our activities. We seek the highest quality information, decisions and people. We produce high quality products and services. Quality is woven into the fabric of everything we do.

People and Culture

Advance pesticides are proud to be recognized as a leader in the global agriculture industry. To ensure we remain at the top of our game, we look for Thinkers, Makers, Doers who are seeking to make an extraordinary impact. We invest in people.

Our Culture

At The ADVANCE PESTICIDES, we believe in always improving. That’s no simple task, but we surely enjoy the challenge. We love the speed of acting quickly on feedback as opposed to waiting for things to reach perfection. We promote proactivity and self-directedness in everything we do. We believe in momentum and always beginning with the end in mind. For us, everything comes down to purpose and clear communication, both with our consumers and with our co-workers. When our communication is as effective as our products, we know we’re on the right track.

We Invest in People

People are our biggest assets whether they are our employees or consumers. This is why we try to lead by example, investing in people who have a passion for progress and who truly want to make a difference either in the organization or at the farm. we make sure to invest as much as we can in the development of our people. We believe that the workplace should be like home – a place for family and a place to grow.

Our goal is to be a role model, both in our industry and beyond. Ultimately, we want our people to not only get satisfied with our products but also be proud of how they have come to life.

Building A Relationship & Delivering A Success

ADVANCE Group delivers more than —- products and related services to customers across the nation, but that’s not all. We build lasting relationships with our customers which serves more than a result of our products, doing everything we can ensure to achieve customer success.

The Story

Advance is the producer of Plant protectors & nutrients for the cultivation of fast-growing farms. Ever since the founding in the early 60s, all products are scientifically tested first, before putting on the market. Into numerous experiments with phytochemicals n pure chemicals to meet the need of farmers.



The Foundation

Late Shri P. S. Tambat, started his journey with an AGRI NEEDS retail shop @ Pachvati, Nashik. He sold fertilizers, seeds & pesticide of different Agrochem companies prevalent at that time. Driven by his belief, he wasn’t happy with small spot product availability.


Opening a trade house

He bought four stories warehouse in a nearby crooked lane, started a trade house with more than 100 chemical companies successfully.


Move to making

After his trading venture, he jumped into in-house production to lessen the dependability on other agro chem companies. Making their own formulations on a small commercial scale on the basis of his giant experience of the Indian Agri market.


The range expands

By this time the dedication & hard work had paid off, as INHOUSE UNIT was into production & supplying of more than 15 pesticides & 7 different types of fertilizers.


Road to R & D

The strong desire of making unique formulations drove them (Tambat family) to rope into learning & research unit establishment. The firm had started collaborating with other companies for tech know-how.


Business moves to leap forward

Intriguing about ingredients & technical process of production of plant protectors & fertilizers moved a unit into a large scale manufacturing unit.


From firm to The Factory

Tambat brothers’ booming business of agro solutions had shifted to the outskirts of Nashik, where the factory had started with a good number of manpower & few basic types of machinery.


The born of Advance Pesticides

with first-ever fully established in house laboratory, the company had started it’s on & off the field trials. Hence the breakthrough product range came into the market, to date win over millions of farmers with of course results.


Introduction to Indian Agri market

With innovative Agri solution range, Advance Pesticides has captured the market & leaves its mark on Indian growers, retailers & distributors. Advance has been delivering not just products but trust & responsible marketing operations.


Product with purpose

The first-ever organic product launched after thorough research & trials. Advance focused on exploring sustainable farming solutions.


Achieving the Milestones

Advance has started manufacturing plants n indulge itself in the development of concept-based bio Pesticides n biostimulants production. This has given new wings to the company to fly beyond the Indian market


Adventure of ADASCA

Showcasing its specialty products, company footsteps towards the global market with the motto of Serving the growers, serving the global. ADASCA, an international venture of Advance begun.

Our Brands

Advance Pesticides has built a unique Premium brand portfolio with international reach. This portfolio, is governed by our R & D House of Brands concept, is today one of the most comprehensive on the market, covering every single need of all crop, fruit, vegetables with leveraging its performance to protection against all environmental challenges. It is organized & designed to offer “the right product at the right time for the right consumer”, regardless of that consumer’s market.

Lead With Science

Science drives our business & passion drives our product. Supporting & believing in science is what we do.

Take on Big Ideas

We take futuristic view & take big ideas, the unsolvable problems, & the bottlenecks that obstruct the way, we pursue the idea with the courage to make a real difference.

Becoming great together

Our People are our biggest assets whether they are our employees or consumers. This is why we try to lead by example, investing in people who have a passion for progress and who truly want to make a difference either in the organization or at the farm. We believe that the workplace should be like home – a place for family and a place to grow.

Our Leadership

A Global Leader in Agri Solutions

We combine world-class product making with world-class brand marketing.

Through world-class product making and brand marketing, our business is focused on meeting evolving consumer interests across the globe, and on delivering sustainable growth. Everything we do is dedicated to realising our vision of becoming the world’s most preferred agri solution company.