Our Social Responsibility

Making a statement, without making a sound

All our activities are aimed at respecting the planet and considering the rights of future generations. It is vital for us to have a profound awareness of our impact, to promote initiatives aimed at reducing resource consumption, emissions, soil exploitation, preserving ecosystems and protecting biodiversity.

Good Business Our commitment to ethical business practices is core to who we are. We strive to make sure all of our decisions — from responsible sourcing of our ingredients and environmental stewardship to fostering diverse work environments and transparency— are guided by our business ethics.

Value Water Water is essential for life. It is also a key resource for our industry. In order to tackle the ever-growing issue of water scarcity and achieve water stewardship, we have developed an approach addressing water efficiency, quality and accessibility.

Innovate Materials & Processes We create the best for the agri solutions, while optimizing our environmental impact. We are committed to steadily increasing the use of more sustainable materials in our production & products. At the same time, we are driving towards organic solutions.

Conserve Energy The responsible use of energy is also critical for our planet to survive. In order to mitigate climate change, we are committed to reducing our absolute energy consumption and CO2 emissions, transitioning to clean energy and looking into energy harvesting opportunities.

Make An Impact

  1. A) For individuals & families by helping them through our business activities leading the healthier lives.
  2. B) Enhancing rural livelihoods. We believe that through responsible sourcing and by improving farm economics, we can help improve the standard of living of farmers. Rural development is a focus area close to our heart, as its results are multi-fold and its impact lasts generations.

Sharing Happiness Today our promise comes alive by investing in brands and business models making a difference in the world. By being better stewards of the planet we all share. And, perhaps most near and dear to our hearts, by nourishing the lives of growers around the world so they can learn, grow and thrive to planet.