Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3%  W/W SC

It is a broad spectrum fungicide    which controls many fungal diseases. It has a dual mode of action, hence it works at multiple stages of fungal development. Likewise, it has very good preventive & curative properties,   which provides flexibility & a wide scale of application.

Mode Of Action

Azoxystrobininhibits mitochondrial respiration, blocking the cytochrome BC1 complex, and Tebuconazole inhibits sterol production   at different sites, which affects cell membrane structure and function.

Key Feautres

• It can be applied preventively & to be repeated at a 15-day interval depending upon weather condition & disease stage.

• Used to control fruit rot, dieback & powdery mildew in the chili crop.

• Translaminar and a strong systemic mode of action with acropetal movement.

• excellent rain fastness and better compatibility with other pesticides.

• Phytotonic effects overused crops like more green leafless, flower & fruit drops.

Dosage & Direction

CropDiseasesDosage (gm / Acre)
ChilliAnthracnose, Dieback300
PaddyBlast Of Paddy, Sheath Blight300
OnionPurple Blotch300
PotatoesEarly blight, Late blight300
WheatYellow rust300
AppleScab,Powdery Mildew & Premature Leaf Fall Disease300

100 ml250 ml500 ml1 Ltr