Paraquat Dichloride 24%SL

It is a non-selective contact herbicide, absorbed by the foliage, with  some translocation in the xylem. It effectively controls  broadleaved  weeds & grasses.

Mode Of Action

It is a desiccant,  defoliant  and contact herbicide  without   residual soil activity.  Destroys cell membranes and inhibits   photosynthesis. Only contacted leaves are killed, so regrowth can occur. from undamaged parts of perennials


Key Feautres

• An ideal herbicide for conservation and no-till system (only controls the foliage parts of weeds) 

thus promoting intact roots and preventing soil erosion.

• It is used as    post-emergence directed application &   pre-plant application in many crops.

• It damages cell membranes & cytoplasm during  photosynthesis by producing superoxide.

• Within minutes of application, it gains non-washing properties. 

Dosage & Direction

CropweedsDosage (gm / Acre)
Seteria Sp., Clerodendroninfortunatum
10 – 15 ml
WheatGrassy & Broadleaf weeds10 – 15 ml
MaizeCyperusrotundus, Commelina benghalensisamaranthus sp. Echinochloasp.Trianthemamonogyn10 – 15 ml
PotatoEchinochloacrusgalli, Cyperusiria Ageratum conyzoides, Commelinabenghalensis, Marsileaquadrifolia Brachiariamutica10 – 15 ml
CottonDigeraarvensis, Cyperusiria, Trianthemamonogyna.10 – 15 ml

250 ml500 ml1 Ltr5 Ltr