Silicon Base Sticker

A complete blend of SILICON  BASED ADJUVANT & YUCCA  EXTRACT SAPONIN. SILEX Adjuvant is a Super Wetting, penetration, and   Spreading Agent,  which is a low molecular weight  nonionic  silicone surfactant. Developed   to improve the wetting,  spreading,   and penetration of agricultural barriers. lt may be used as a support for optimum usage of spread by plants.


Key Feautres

• A Natural  Surfactant,  spreader,   activator,  penetrator  and a Good

Wetting Agent.

• Easy Dispersion in aqueous systems.

• Greatly increases the uptake of actives into the plant tissue.

• Exhibits Superior"Rain Fastness".

• Produces very rapid wetting and spreading on hard to wet surfaces such as waxy leaves.

• Chemically inert, non toxic.

• Economical as it works at low ppm.


Dosage & Direction

SILEX is soluble  in water with a completely stable formula. It can reduce the surface tension significantly  lower than what is achievable  with a conventional   non-ionic surfactant. The recommended   concentration varies from 0.5 to 1.25 ml per liter of water depending on the spray treatment conditions like pesticides, crop, and spray volume.

500 ml