Kazoo Liquid

Orthosilicic Acid 2%

 It consists of a stabilised and bioavailable  form of silicic acid. It's a highly plant available and bio-active product that has positive  effects on the plant. That results in a better harvest,  higher yield and better quality. It is a proprietary  organic bio mix containing highly bioavailable micro and macronutrients.  It's a pure,  highly concentrated formula with fast visible effects.


Key Feautres

• Carry sturdier fruits with higher nutritional value and a longer shelf-life.

• Leaves no residual effect.

• Practically invulnerable to attacks by pests or fungi.

• More resistant to high temperatures.

• More resistant to stress caused by high concentrations   of salts in the substrate.

• Have more active photosynthesis.

• Are better and more equally mineralised, which minimizes the chance of plant deficiencies.

Dosage & Direction

CropDilutionMethod of applicataion
OSA LiquidEchinochloa crus galli600 ml / acre

100 ml250 ml500 ml1 ltr