Kazoo GR

Orthosilicic Acid 2%

Kazoo GR consists of a stabilised and bioavailable form of diatomic silicon. It is a highly plant-available and bio-active product that has positive effects on the plant. That results in a better harvest: higher yield and better quality. It is a proprietary organic bio mix containing highly bioavailable micro and macronutrients. It is a pure,  highly concentrated formula with fast visible effects

Key Features

• Carry sturdier fruits with higher nutritional value and a longer shelf-life.

• Leaves no residual effect.

• Practically invulnerable to attacks by pests or fungi.

• More resistant to high temperatures.

• More resistant to stress caused by high concentrations of salts in the substrate.

• Have more active photosynthesis.

• Are better and more equally mineralised, which minimises the chance of plant deficiency.

• Enhanced absorption of potash, phosphorus and calcium.

• Corrects phosphorus deficiency.

• Alleviates iron, aluminium and zinc toxicity.

• Has a positive effect on the biomass yield under deficit irrigation.

• It shows great influence on root development of plant roots, thus allowing better root resistance in dry soil.


Increased and more balanced uptake of nutrients helps the plant to allow a better and more even flow of nutrients throughout the plant circulatory system.


Stimulating the plant's immune  system triggers the production of immunity compounds, as well as drawing silicon to the point of attack to rebuild and strengthen tissue.


Strengthen your plants inside out; thicker stalks & stems, more lateral branching and better nutrient availability.


It will ensure optimal health of the plant. More lateral branching & tight internodal space will give uniform flowers, longer shelf life of fruits, thereby higher yields.

 Dosage & Direction

CropMethodDilutionMethod of application
Kazoo GRFruits and Vegetable riceSoil Application 6 kg 1 acreMix with fertiliser Apply at time of application.


1 kg6 kg10 kg