Fertistar Grades of NPK element is a unique combination of multiple poly phosphate and nutrients specially formulated in Nanoparticle size for plant nutrition and nutrient deficiency correction. Fertistar is a "Smart Delivery System" which means a combination of specially targeted highly controlled, remotely regulated and multiple functional characteristics to avoid biological barriers for successful targeting.  Fertistar Grades is a recommended in the vegetative development stage to the maturity stage of all crops as per the requirement of crop in different types of soils.

Mode Of Action

a) Uptake by Leaf

 Fertistar penetrates into leaf cuticle, enters int palisade and spongy mesophyll

through the epidermis layer and finally penetrates into the Vascular Bundle, it spreads throughout the plant.

b) Uptake by Roots

Fertistar penetrates by root hairs and enters into the xylem and phloem through the epidermis and cortex Apoplastic & Symplectic pathways.

Key Feautres

• Nanoparticles  Formulation

The particle size of nutrients in Fertistar is ultrafine, they are rapidly absorbed in the leaf Stomata & Root hairs.

• Low Salt Index & 100% safe to use

Fertistar Grades free from harmful elements like Sodium (Na), Chlorine (CI), nitrates   (N0 3) Sulfate (S04) and Carbonate (C03). It avoids salt injury to the crops.

• 100% Plant Availability

Fertistar Grades are of natural pH ranges from 6-7, which ensure 100% plant availability.

• Smart Delivery System

Fertistar Grades is a "Smart    Delivery System" in order to improve fertilizer formulation by minimizing nutrient loss and increasing uptake in plant cells. Reduces nutrient toxicity by using lower concentrations.

Dosage & Direction

CropFoliar Application (Per Acre)Drip / Drenching (Per Acre)
Vegetables500ml to 750ml3– 5 liter
Fruit Crops500–1000 ml3 – 7 liters
Cereal Crops500–750 ml3 – 5 liters
Pulses Crops500ml to 750ml3 – 5 liters
Floriculture Crops500ml to 750ml3 – 5 liters
Cash Crops500ml to 750ml3 – 5 liters
Pulses Crops500ml to 750ml3 – 5 liters

Ferstistar GradesCrop StagesFoliar Application (Per Acre)Drip / Drenching (Per Acre
16 :16 :12 + TE 19 :19:19 +TEVegetative Stage500 – 750 ml3 – 5 liters
20:50:00+TE 12:61:00 +TE 27:27:00 + TEVegetative, Bud Initiation & Flowering Stage, Tinkering Stage500 – 750 ml3 – 5 liters
00: 55: 35 + TE 00: 60: 20 + TE 00:38 :38 +Zn+TEFlower & Fruit Development Stage500 – 750 ml3 – 5 liters
15 :45:15 + TEFlower & Fruit growth500 – 750 ml3 – 5 liters
6:00:18 +TE Amipro-KFruit growth500 – 750 ml3 – 5 liters