Amino Acid Base Micronutrient Fertilizer Mixture

Excess is plant food to correct micronutrient     deficiencies in soil and stimulate plant growth. lt  contains copper,  iron,   manganese and zinc,  Boron, Molybdenum,  Calcium. lt is easy to apply and safe to use with other nutrient   programs. These micronutrients   are essential to planning processes,   but they are often overlooked. This often results in deficiencies, which can damage plant leaves, stalks, and root systems, and minimise growth.

EXCESS is effective as either a soil drench or as a foliar spray and may be used to correct a documented soil or nutrient deficiency. Best used as a foliar spray in early morning or late evening


Key Feautres

• Corrects or prevents the harmful effects caused by deficiencies of micro and macro-elements.

• Contains many vital micronutrients that help protect plants against stress and disease.

• It helps to prevent and cure chlorosis.

• Encourages microbes within the soil to convert unavailable nutrients into a form that plants can actually use

• Supports chlorophyll production and improves leaf growth.

• Improves micro- and macronutrient utilisation.

Dosage & Direction

MethodCropSchedule of Application

Soil Drenching

500 gm per acre depending On level of deficiency

Can be applied or twice each month during the growing season apply around the base of plants at the Drip line of true or through an Irrigation system

Foliar spray

300 gm per acre Water depending On level of deficiency.

For best results combine wit SILEX (natural surfactant) to increase adhesion to increase adhesion to the leaf surface.

100 g

250 g

500 g

1 kg