Cymoxanil 8% + Mancozeb 64% WP

It is    a local  systemic fungicide with Translaminar  activity.For   best management of the disease it is wise to spray at the initiation of the disease symptoms/ at probable time of disease occurrence. It is very effective Oomyceticide in major crops like Grapes, potatoes, tomatoes & cucumbers.


Mode Of Action

It acts as contact & systemic fungicide. Forms a uniform layer on plant surface, thus makes entry and growth  of fungus extremely difficult as well as through translaminar action gives complete coverage.


Key Feautres

• It shows excellent control over late blight & Downy mildew in various commercially important crops.

• Inhibit spore germination and avoid lesion development.

• Low chance of resistance development.

• Quick and uniformly dissolves in water.

• Due to various actions on spores,  i.e. - Inhibits spore germination,  reduces spore viability and inhibits spores production, controls spread of disease.

Dosage & Direction

CropDiseasesDosage ( ml / Acre)
GrapesDowny Mildew600- 800 gm /acre
Potatolate Blight600 gm/acre
Tomatolate Blight600 gm/acre
CucumberBer Downy Mildew600 gm/acre

300 g600 g1200 g