C – Bon

Liquid Fermented Organic Manure 

Soil Fertility is the capacity of soil to supply plant nutrients in sufficient amounts and appropriate proportion, which is free from toxic substances. Soil productivity is the ability of soil to produce a crop per unit area. Hence, every productive soil has to be fertile. At present, our motherland (country) is contaminated by excessive use of chemical and chemical fertilizers which

leads to soil infertility, damage to soil property, decrease in soil organic carbon and beneficial microorganisms, excessive acidity  and alkalinity, increased levels of toxic substances and deficiency in water.

To overcome   the above soil contamination, C-Bon (liquid fermented organic manure) is approved by FCO.

is the only product to increase organic carbon and soil microbes by improving soil properties.

Key Feautres

• C-Bon liquid Fermented Organic Manure helps to grow soil microbes, including bacteria and fungi,

It is highly enriched in carbon  for photosynthesis, respiration and decomposition in the soil.

• Improves soil structure like soil compaction and provides a  stable physical context for

movement of air, water and heat as well as root growth.

• C-Bon  prevents soil damage by salinization, sodification and alkalization.

• The store of soil organic matter is stable or increasing, which is a source of carbon and provides

energy and nutrients to soil organisms, which improves soil fertility or productivity.

• Improve the activity of microorganisms in soil & enhance biodiversity.

Soil Application

Fruit Trees : 1.5 to 2 litres / acre 

Vegetables & other crops: 1.0 to 1.25 litre/acre

500 ml1 ltr5 ltr