Bullet Gold

Metalaxyl 8 % + Mancozeb 64 % W

It is a broad spectrum, dual action fungicide which controls diseases by its preventive as well as curative action.This unique combi-fungicide is the best tool for preventing and or delaying   resistance development  in the fungal population of oomycetes.


Mode Of Action

Metalaxyl is a systemic, benzenoid fungicide. Mancozeb    is a dithiocarbamate fungicide and affects the nervous system through its main metabolite, carbon disulfide. It is a multi-site protective 

Fungicide inhibits spore germination and remains on the leaf surface and interferes with biochemical processes within fungal pathogen cells.


Key Feautres

• Being systemic and contact fungicide,   it  provides  double protection(inside Metalaxyl & Outside Mancozeb).

• It remains effective for a longer time and prevents & cures the disease effectively.Reduces the number of sprays.

• Can be used as seed treatment, foliar   spray, nursery-drench and in pre-harvest sprays to manage post harvest diseases.

• Specially fungicide to control foliar as well as soil-borne diseases caused by oomycetes  fungi-Downy mildew,  late blight, damping off, phytophthora rots etc.

• Increase in the yield due to effective control of Late blight phytophthora etc.

Dosage & Direction

CropDiseasesDosage (gm / Acre)
GrapesDowny Mildew1 kg
PotatoLate Blight, Damping off1 kg
TobaccoDamping off, Late Blight1 kg
BlackShark800 gm
Black PepperPhytophthora foot rot1 kg
MustardWhite rust / Alt. Blight1 kg

100 g250 g500 g1 kg