Boron Combined with Ethanolamine

Bonos is  a liquid fertilizer  carrier of boron  (B) in the form of boron ethanolamine which provides and maintains the levels of boron. Bono is readily absorbed through  plant leaves,  shoots, 

roots and reproductive structures. The product is concentrated and only a small amount is needed. When properly used,  it promotes greater crop health and higher yields when boron availability 

is limiting crop performance. It is particularly suitable both for foliar and root applications.


Key Feautres

• Recommended for the preventive and curative control of insufficiency due to deficiency or poor assimilation of Boron.

• Essential in the activity growing regions of plants,  such as root tips, and leaf and bud development.

• Required in large amount during a reproductive stage of the plant and the production of pollen & fertilization. Promotes calcium mobility  and assimilation particularly in the binding of calcium to form cell walls and membranes of plants.

• Increases sugar transport by photosynthesis in mature plant leaves to actively develop fruits.

• Plays an important role in regulating hormone levels in plants for flower initiation,  fruit development,  cell wall and tissue formation,  and root elongation.

 • Recommended   for symptoms-specific  boron deficiency symptoms

Including crooked stem in celery,  hollow  heart in peanut,  corky core i

apple,  resetting (terminal bud dieback) in alfalfa and cotton and heart rot in sugar beet.

Dosage & Direction

CropDosage (ml / Acre )
All agricultural & horticulture crop400 — 500 ml / acre

100 ml250 ml500 ml1 ltr2 ltr