The Amipro-K  series is a high performance phosphorus  & potassium  liquid fertiliser for rapid  uptake of Sodium & Chlorine  Free for enhanced crop performance. It is completely soluble and plant available,   delivering the required quantity of nutrients with low application rates. This eco-friendly formula is beneficial to plant activities, giving no leaf burn or scorch due to it having an extremely lower salt index than mineral sources. It improves fruit set, fruit size and skin colour,   increases yield and quality.

 Application of these grades starts after the start and mature stages.


Key Feautres

• Recommended when maximum amounts of potassium are required,  during fruit development, as well as for stimulating fruit ripening.

• Improves flowering quality with more fruit setting and to maintain its natural colour.

• Improves and enhances shelf life for storage.

• Stimulates growth of fruit,  seeds,  and tubers.

• Chlorine & Sodium free to reduce salt toxicity.

• Reduces nutrient toxicity by using lower concentrations.

• It is essential for translocation of sugars and starch formation; it is also required for leaf stomata opening/ closing,  strengthens plants  and improves plant resistance to drought and disease.

Dosage & Direction

CropThrough Foliar / AcreThrough Foliar / Acre
Flowering Plants500ml to 750ml1ltr To 1.2 Ltr
Vegetables500ml to 750ml1Ltr to 1.2Ltr
Fruit Trees500ml to 750ml1.5 Ltr to 2 Ltr
Fruit Orchards1 Liter to 1.2 Liter1.5 Ltr to 2 Ltr
Cereal Crops500ml to 750ml1Ltr to 1.2Ltr
Pulses Crops500ml to 750ml1Ltr to 1.2 Ltr

100 ml250 ml500 ml1 Ltr2 Ltr