Amaze 70

imazethapyr 70%

It is a systemic herbicide, absorbed  by the roots & foliage  with translocation in xylem phloem. It controls many types of grasses, broadleaf weeds, and sedges. It is very economical with

its broad-spectrum activity and low use rate. It belongs to the imidazolinone group of herbicides,  which inhibits photosynthesis.

Mode Of Action

It belongs to the chemical group imidazolinone and acts by inhibiting Acetolactate  Synthase (ALS),  an enzyme which is important  in protein synthesis within  the plant. This leads to disruption of DNA synthesis and cell growth.

Key Feautres

• It is a broad-spectrum and selective herbicide.

• It has both contact & residual activity.

• is used as an early post-emergence herbicide.

• It is used for both narrow and broad leaf weeds.

• It should be used only once in a crop. When soil moisture is adequate.

• It has no residual effect on succeeding crops.

Dosage & Direction

For soybean 

Weeds:    Cyperusdifformis, Echinochloacolonum,   E. crus galli,  Euphorbia hirta, Crotonsparsiflorus, Digeraarvensis, Commelinabenghalensis

dose: 400 ml / acre

For Groundnut

Weeds:   Cyperusdifformis, Commelinabenghalensis, Trianthemaportulacastrum, Eragrostispilosa

dose:400- 600 ml / acre

250 ml500 ml1 Ltr5 Ltr