Portfolio Management

With the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry, management and resource allocation continue to be a critical challenge. Our goal is to allocate properly the resources within our portfolio, based on our priorities and the opportunities that arise in each market.

We have built a unique portfolio of Premium international basket, its a collection of innovative concepts. This portfolio is supported by the “House of ADVANCE Brands”, It comprises three STEPS: international brands at the top, then specialty products, and general crop protection.

We have endeavored to make products available specifically for markets we service and then place these into a comprehensive program with background information on each crop.

A) Insecticide: For sustainable farming, crop protection is the first step. Our dedicated chemistry team has successfully offered crop protection products that highly result oriented & overcoming needs of today’s environment challenge.

B) Fungicide: Our wide range of fungicide formulations helps to control the disease, saving the crop and maintain the yield in every crop. Widely used in grains, vegetables & fruits with satisfactory results.

C) HERBICIDE: Every year weeds destroy agricultural products that could nourish a billion people. Our holistic farm consulting approach is the best tool for weed management along with our tried & tested herbicide enhances the performance for weed control.

D) Plant growth regulators: Acts as a synergist. Increase the photosynthetic capacity of plants and promotes plant growth. Promotes fruit bud formation. Recommended for both, organic and conventional agriculture and horticulture, including vegetables, fruit, and flowers. They increase the resistance of plants and help them to fight against all odds naturally. Our highly recommended range for futuristic organic farming.