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Convention to Innovation

It is an organic metabolite based products which are extracted from plant sources. It effectively controls root knot nematodes which is a major problem in most of areas. It also helps to defend themselves against soil borne pathogens and disease. Plants treated with Nematic develops a strong resistance against in infection from nematodes and thus improving their flowering and fruiting strength.

Bio-mix of natural micro-elements supplemented with 100% bio-available ortho silicic acid. KAZOO ensures the regulation of the growth of the plants and their natural defence system. This ensures that the plants are more resistant against diseases and distresses such as extreme heat and cold. Your plants will root faster, develop stronger stems and leaves, which will result in firmer plants and bigger yields. It can be used on all kinds of soil and with all kinds of nutrition.

A naturally derived active ingredient, Bio-larvicide is gaining interest because of its advantages associated with the environmental safety, target-specificity, efficacy and suitability in the integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

This hydroponic solution enables the growers to control the availability of essential elements by adjusting or changing the nutrient solution to suit the plant growth stage and to provide them in balanced amount of nutrients.

It is a unique organic anti virus which is curative & preventive against viral infections of plants.